Saturday, 10 February 2018

18 months of loving you

Caleb Gray you’ve just turned 18 months. 1 and a half years old! How?! I remember writing your 6 month letter like it was yesterday. It literally hurt my heart when those first 6 months whizzed by and now we are here. I feel a little bit differently about things now. I’m kind of ok with time moving forward (yeah I’d love to slow it down) but I’m also really enjoying every single moment of watching you grow up. I love seeing all the new things you’re doing and all the new things you are learning everyday. 

In the last 6 months you’ve gone from being my baby baby (you’ll always be my baby - even on your wedding day) to a toddler. 

Taking your first steps was a memory that I will never forget and I feel so utterly lucky that you saved it for me and daddy to be there to watch for the first time, together - unless you have grandparents that can lie under oath. 

We went from wondering if you would ever let go of the sofa and take those first couple of steps to buying your first proper shoes and watching you wobble and waddle in front of Lincoln cathedral within the space of a few days. It choked me up a little, all of a sudden you turned into a toddle. Pretty much over night. But I love it! Your new found independence is so exciting! 

I love that you understand what we say. That you can bring us ‘cups of tea’, say cheers every time you eat, wave hiya, bye, talk on the telephone and get your pyjamas at bed time. You love your lion, Roar, and every time you see him you give him hugs and kisses and roar like a lion to him. Mr Waldorf is still your fave though. You love to read books and get pretty cross when we don’t drop everything immediately to read to you (we’ll remind you of that when you’re older). You have a penchant for bread and not much else. We’ve had the confirmation that you are definitely allergic to egg and peanuts but I’m sure you will take that in your stride. 

You’re turning into a proper little person now, complete with tantrums when you don’t get your own way. You have the most delicious smile and the cheekiest grin! I haven’t met anyone that hasn’t been captured by your happy smiles and blonde curls. 

We’ve continued to have adventures despite going back to work. We make the most of every single day off we have as a family and we love it. I love to watch you taking everything in. Exploring new places and seeing the people you love. Your face lights up when you see Nanna and Grandman and Grandma and Grandad. You love being around other children so we know you have the best time at nursery. You’re so settled there now and wave bye to me as I leave and are semi happy to see me at the end of the day. 

You make me want to burst. 

I absolutely adore you, Caleb Gray. 

I am so proud that you are mine. Me and daddy love you the world over. Baby boy, we so look forward to everything life has to offer you. It’s yours for the taking. 

Mummy xx

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