Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Travel hacks

One thing that occurred to me last minute about our trip to Istanbul was that although we seemed to be taking the kitchen sink, what we actually didn't have room for, was a high chair. 

Usually, this wouldn't matter as most places, including air BnB's, that we've stayed in have had them but as we were staying with friends there was no option to tick highchair on the booking form!

As it was last minute I didn't have time to order anything so we took the inside of his Bumberoo as it could squash into our cases and act as a kind-of support for him. It was what it was but definitely not hands free. Holding on and feeding was hard work, especially as Caleb likes to launch himself forward at every available opportunity. Give. Me. Strength.

The lovely people over at Benbat very kindly sent us the YummyGo Booster seat and storage case and it's exactly what we needed. It's suitable for 9 - 36 months.

It is ideal to take with you and attach to any chair using straps that buckle around the back and bottom of the chair making it secure. It's super quick and easy to assemble and will pack away as quickly as your put it together. It also has a three point harness which ensures they won't go launching themselves off their chair when they see fit!!
Caleb loves sitting on it and being as close to the table as we are. It was actually so lovely to have him so close without his high chair tray in the way. 
The booster seat also acts as extra storage so perfect for taking all of his feeding bits and keeping them in one place. I'd be so tempted to take this as hand luggage on a flight to make getting out his food and liquids at each security check so much easier. It's also handy to take on a day out somewhere and keep bits separately to nappies, change of clothes and so on. 

The other bonus about this is it's germs free. Sometimes, you only need to look at a high chair and know it hasn't been cleaned in a long time. If I don't even want to touch it then I'm certainly not going to put my baby in it. Safe to say, our own mess is absolutely fine!! 

I know other mummies who have recommended this seat too and how much of a game changer it's been for them. Benbat are also currently offering 15% off their entire range using 15BEBN% - go check them out!

At nearly 15 months old, I thought we had most of the gear for Caleb but it seems as though there is always something you wish you owned!

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  1. Jen I love this! I’ve necer seen this before (I’m never up to date with all the gadgets and gizmos)! Great review too 😘 @homewiththebuckleys