Tuesday, 15 August 2017

It's my party I can cry if I want to!

As soon as Caleb turned 11 months I started to think about him turning 1. This was something I wanted to suppress but at the same time totally embrace! 

I think I wept for a full week on the lead up to him turning one but then I got over myself and got really excited!! 

We wanted to celebrate Caleb and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to create a Pinterest board now could I?! 

The theme 

I fell in love with a cake I'd seen on Instagram - it was simple and elegant white and had the cutest little cactus on top and this was my inspiration for a cactus themed party. 

I created the invite by emulating a design I'd seen on Pinterest and we took the lazy route of photographing it and sending it to our friends and family as I didn't have time to paint 25+ invites. But life hack - it worked really well and saved money on stamps etc. 

The venue 

We decided to have the party at home as we didn't want to pay for a venue or make it too over the top. We hoped for the best and decided on a BBQ in the garden. I didn't dare look at the weather and just hoped it would be ok! As it happens it seems we picked the hottest day in August! 

The decor 

I love any excuse to buy balloons so I went a little bit mad and ordered balloons from @otherletters and @prettylittlepartyshop which have some amazing party pieces in. 

We created the balloon cloud by blowing up the balloons and attaching about a 10cm piece of string to each one. We then tied the end of the string onto a long length of taught string and you build up the cloud by bunching together each string and balloon. The tighter you push the strings together the more they bunch. 

If this makes no sense just YouTube it haha! 

I also ordered cactus paper plates, lime green cups and some paper lanterns to hang from the trees to continue the theme. 

I absolutely loved the tassel that attached to the balloons - we bought one and cut it to create multiple tassels. To add even more to the theme and create seating we order hay bales from a farm and luckily enough knew a man with a van (farmer friend with a trailer actually) who helped us to transport them. Turns out they are the cheapest seats you will ever buy! 

The food

Our parents were huge helps and manned the BBQ and helped with food and drinks all day long. I think it all went down pretty well! 

The cake 

As I mentioned earlier I fell in love with s cake that set off the theme for the party and I couldn't shake it from my memory. I needed something like that but I was struggling to find a cake maker that would make what I REALLY wanted. Instagram wins it for me every time - I found @carolinemcakes who is based in Lincoln and as it turns out only a few streets from where I live. I emailed her and showed her what I wanted but wanted her to do her own thing too - she literally created the most perfect cake for me. I was so pleased - it was the icing on the party cake for sure! 

Not only did it look amazing it tasted insane too! Salted caramel vanilla and chocolate fudge cake! We're still eating it now! 

The birthday boy 

Caleb was dressed in the most gorgeous romper that I picked up from @annualstores in Lincoln. It was by the brand @bobochoses which is right up Caleb's street! It was such a hot day that I couldn't have picked a more perfect outfit for him! 

He was surrounded by lots of people that love him and some of his closest baby pals but it would seem that it was just all a bit overwhelming haha. 

He went for an hours nap during his party and when he was a bit happier and awake we sand happy birthday. I don't think we'll sing it to him ever again though... 

A big thank you if you are reading this and you were at our party. Caleb is so lucky to have you and received the most gorgeous gifts from you all. 

It was such a perfect day for my baby's first birthday - I need at least a year to recover before I do this again though! 

Jen and Cub x

If there are any specifics you want to know about just ask me in the comments of DM me on Instagram. 

Photos by myself and the gorgeous


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