Thursday, 17 August 2017

1 whole year of loving you, Caleb Gray!

Dear Caleb, 

1 year of loving you...

I created a small human that does actual small human things and I STILL can't get over it! I can't even believe you have been in our lives for a year. It feels like forever but in the same breath feels like just yesterday we brought you home for the first time. 

There is nothing I can write here that will even come close to explaining how you have changed our lives. But you have. And this has been my most favourite year. 

Being your mummy is simply the best. You are the funniest little thing and smile all day long. You are all over the place and are curious about everything. Seeing you crawling around and climbing up on things reminds me you're growing up and we have so many exciting milestones ahead of us. I catch myself wondering what it will be like when you're walking and talking and although I'm happy to wait I'm so excited. I look forward to having a conversation with you. What will you say? What will you ask about? 

When you do something for the first time or learn something new I'm so proud! Like my heart can't take it, proud. 

In your one year we've fitted in a lot of things - we've been on so many adventures and I love that we've not wasted a minute of spending all this time together. I've soaked you up. I've learnt that there will be hard days and long days and I'm doing my best but sometimes it won't be the best. I'm learning alongside you but I think we've found our groove. Thank you for teaching me so much. You've opened my eyes to so much. To suddenly see our big wide world through tiny eyes makes it all the more wonderful. YOU make it all the more wonderful. 

You are simply the most amazing little boy. I just adore you. 

This month we've enjoyed lots of lovely days out and lots of family time. We visited the most gorgeous lavender feilds in Hitchin, went for walks along the river in Cambridge, put on plays at The Collection, day trip to your first bloggers event, a trip with Daddy to the sights of Newcastle and a trip to Northumberland with Nanna and Grandman, celebrated your first birthday and sat on doorsteps with Mia hehe. 

You crawl so fast I think you could take off. You love to be chased. Have the cheesiest grin when you do something you know you shouldn't (like crawl into another room or spray us with food). You are so good at having your teeth brushed and then do it yourself which is ALL the cute. You never stop smiling unless we sing happy birthday to you. You're just ace! 

Never stop being you. 

I love you, 

Mummy xx

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