Monday, 10 July 2017

11 months of loving you

Dear Caleb, 

Wow - 11 months!! That has been the quickest 11 months of my entire life. I keep saying to people 'he'll be one next month' and I think I'm doing that purely to convince/prepare myself this is going to happen. I feel like I remember every day so of this 11 months so clearly. I remember trying to get you to settle during the nights when we first brought you home, grinning at you like mad in the hope you would smile back, the joy when you finally smiled, the times I've watched you do something for the first time and the days where it's been tough. But every single day I am cherishing it, I am cherishing you, I'm cherishing all of our selfish time together. It all sounds terribly cliche but it's so true. 

This month has been one of your most exciting months to date. You've developed in leaps and bounds. One minute you're still, not on the move, sitting and playing with your toys and the next your desperate to be sitting up from lying down - mastered it, frustratedly trying to crawl - mastered it, trying to pull up - mastered it. It's all come at once but it's brilliant. All this crawling around on my hands and knees had paid off! I love watching you learn, the way you take in your surroundings and apply your knowledge. I mean, it's all in your own time but we're used to that now! Naturally, I took you to soft play so we could get out some of your frustration and practise crawling and all you did there was sit still. As soon as we got home you literally crawled right in front of my eyes for the first time! I don't know if we will ever be able to move house - or if we ever do - we will have to take the living room with us because it holds lots of special firsts and memories. 

You absolutely love it when we sing songs and cry when they are over. You have the biggest smiles I've ever seen and everyone always comments on how much of a happy baby you are. When we are out and about people always feel compelled to stop and speak because you've won them over with either your smile or blonde hair. You've started to nap long enough for me to get things done in the morning. You're open mouthed kisses are my favourite thing on earth and quite frankly I can't not deal with how much I love you! 

We've celebrated our first Daddy's day this month, been to family BBQ's and gone in paddling pools (lived your best life). We ate strawberries whilst picking them. Went to Nottingham for the day in the boiling hot sunshine with Aunty Em and Uncle Matty. Went for a ride in an ambulance to resus for a suspected peanut allergy. Been to visit Gran Gran and wind mills. Played in spaghetti and corn flour with Mia Moo. Taken a trip to the toon to see your aunties. Played in sand. Had days with Grandma. Ridden on horses with knights around Lincoln and been for many an adventure through fields and hidden footpaths.

Here's to the final month before my baby boy turns 1! 

I love you Caleb Gray! 

Love mummy xxx

P.s. Still no teeth! 

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