Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Weekend fun

This weekend we went strawberry picking which I just loved! It takes me right back to my childhood - not that I think I went very often but great memories nonetheless! Caleb enjoyed it because he was sat being fed his favourite food, he devours strawberries like they are going out of fashion! He also loved to play with the straw the was bedding them in. 
The strawberry field was in Lissington, Lincolnshire and was just the sweetest. It was run by a man in a caravan on the field and we were encouraged to taste as we went - so we did just that! 


 We also attempted the Knight's trail in Lincoln - there were around 37 in total spread all over the Bailgate and centre of town. It was a fun way to get out for the day and totally free! We saw all sorts of wonderfully painted knights on their horses. 

Jen and Cub x

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