Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Our 1st Daddy's day celebrations

Last weekend we got to celebrate Daddy's day for the first time! I get so excited for celebration days because it's just a brilliant excuse to show the people you love even more love! We're not ones for buying lots for each other, it's not about that (although ain't no one returning any gifts) but we would much rather spend the day adventuring! 


Mr JenandCub hates cards, with a passion, so it's totally pointless buying him one - I always make them for him and I'm pretty sure Caleb will always make them for him too. 

I went straight to Pinterest for ideas and of course found hundreds! I found one that involved a lot of paint and stencils and thought it would be great but I adapted it slightly. It's also mess free when you just can't face it because we all have those days am I right?!
Here is the how to if you are interested for any future cards. 

What I used;
  • Poster paint
  • White card x2
  • SEALABLE freezer bag (airtight one!)
  1. Cut the card so that it will fit in the freezer bag with enough room for getting in and out without any drama! 
  2. On the card dollop (the best word I could come up with) paint randomly (choose colours that will mix well)
  3. Pop the card inside the freezer bag (you will not be able to do this without moving the paint a little - if you do you're a genius)
  4. Seal the bag so the paint won't escape!!!!
  5. Let baby push the paint and watch as the colours mix and it covers the white card 
  6. Leave to dry - I cut the bag open so it would dry quicker 
  7. On the back draw the letters you want to cut out in mirror image - cut and then stick onto white or coloured card

We also made some foot print tags for his present because having an excuse to have permanent reminders of baby feet can't be missed! 
I always find the easiest way is for Caleb to be laid on his back with a toy in his hands for distraction then I paint his foot - I then place the card onto his foot and press and hope for the best! 
Then a hole punched in the top and a peice of string makes for a great tag. 

So for Daddy's day the present was a no brainer. My husband loves the zoo so it was a day trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It means Daddy is happy but so is Caleb. We always feel quilty if we have a day somewhere and it's not benefitting Caleb so this was win win. I also bought the cutest matching tees because cute!! 

I purchased them here and they now have 20% off. 

On the Sunday we had a lovely day BBQ'n with family and Mr JenandCub and Cub enjoyed time in the pool. 
On Monday we went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park and it was hot!! It was such a lovely day though and hopefully one Mr JenandCub will look back on and smile...

We also left a little message for Daddy in the garden...
We hope you had the best day Daddy! 
You were certainly meant to be a Daddy - you are just wonderful! 

We love you xx

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