Saturday, 10 June 2017

10 months of you

You know that baby I had yesterday? Turns out he's 10 months old today. Stop the clock, we're in double figures. 

I am so smitten with you and the little (big) personality you are developing. You are just the happiest little soul and smile at everyone. Who'd have thought it. Not me, I thought you were never going to smile! So I'm pretty chuffed you've proved me wrong ten fold! 

You're a pro at crawling backwards but your grumpy as hell about it because that's not what you're trying to do. 

I walked in to find you scaling your cot one morning and you're oh - so - close to standing but I have been known to say similar things in the past. But I'm pretty positive by next month you will be crawling/standing. Come on kid, you can do this! 

You are an expert eater. Where on earth do you put it all? You're definitely my son - love food. All food. At any time. Your faves are pretty much anything but at a push - fish pie, spag Bol and strawberries. Strawberries for a whole meal when Daddy's in charge! You are allergic to eggs, that was scary - especially as I thought it was the blueberries so carried on giving you egg. My bad. 

This month we've made the most of the sun and picnicked with your baby pals, met farm animals and sea life creatures. You're becoming so much more interested in things around you and your fave toys are currently a battery-less remote control and phone. You smile at the toys with faces and it melts me. You've developed the throw - which is great - but you can't crawl to get anything back yet so if you could work out how, that would be great! Anything not strapped into the pram however is there at its own risk. 

The one thing I am so happy to include in this letter is that you got the memo about sleep! After weeks of cosleeping and fraught bedtimes you finally started sleeping in your cot and dare I say it... (I'm going to whisper this part) s l e e p i n g   t h r o u g h. Hallelujah. So proud of you kid. It's not consistent every night but it's good enough! Mummy and Daddy are big fans of this! 

I've started to leave you to return to work. It quite honestly kills me. I miss you so much. I know we need to do it, I want you to be independent and social. I know it's what we both need but man, it's going to be an adjustment! I'm glad we still have some time together before it becomes our norm. You've spent days with Grandman and Nanna and you've had sleepovers at Grandma and Grandad's house. You are quite simply adored. 

My favourite thing you've learnt is to give kisses. Big open mouthed wet slobbery kisses. You are starting to copy us and it's all the cute. 

Thank you for just being the best thing in the entire world. You give me all the purpose, all the joy and all the feels. 

You are my fave. 

I love you to the moon and back and forever and a day, 

Love Mummy xxx

 Thank you @ameliadray for the gorgeous photo x

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  1. Such beautiful photos and words <3 Can't believe how fast babies grow, you always get told it but until you actually have one you don't realise how fast!! The remote control & my phone are also two of Reuben's fave things haha! xx