Monday, 29 May 2017


I realised that I've totally slacked from blogging. Mainly life. It's something I want to pick up again - sometimes I have big long essays to share (mainly) and then other times it's just photos. I'm going to try and post these a little more often - for us. Our modern day photo album. 

I've got a wordy post coming soon but here are some photos of our day at the beach in the meantime.

When the UK gets sun you head for the beach. Ok, so on the hour drive it took to get there it rained, thundered and lightening struck but as we pulled up in the car park out came the sun. 

We hunkered down in the dunes, had a picnic and I watched as my husband and baby napped. There was no phone service and it was just what we both needed. No distractions just a family day. 

They are the best days. 




Jen and Cub