Tuesday, 9 May 2017

9 months of you

Dear Caleb Gray, 

First off let's get the nitty gritty out of the way. When are you going to move out? It's about time you spread your wings and find your own space. You don't need us anymore, it's getting quite cramped with the three of us. You're a big boy and quite frankly I think you will make it on your own. It might seem a bit tough to begin with but you'll make it through. Through the night that is. Sleeping in your own cot. You don't need to sleep in the comfort of our bed or the crook of my arm (although I kind of love it too). Don't worry about us, we will be ok. We need sleep, uninterrupted sleep. So...baby-up and sleep for a whole 8 hours (or longer if you like) in your own bedroom. Daddy lovingly spent hours decorating it only for you to never really be there. I love the hugs I really, REALLY do but let's do all that in the morning?! Have a think about it and let us know.

9 months old hey! Wow. I have a 9 month old. You've been on the outside longer than on the inside. Go mummy and daddy we've done a good job! You're still in one piece so that's something. 

You've started to clap at everything and I'm really rather proud of you! You still shake your head from side to side and I'm yet to meet anyone that doesn't think that's the most hilarious thing (me included). 
You still sit still and it doesn't look like you're even thinking about crawling anytime soon and you've still got no teeth. Mannnnnn, do we know those teeth are there but they aren't playing ball at all. I wonder when I'll finally be able to write to you and tell you you have teeth! 17 year olds all have teeth right?! One of my favourite new things is that you hold your arms out to be lifted up. That to me is everything. 
In your 9th month you've had some pretty special events. Uncle Matt and Aunty Emily got married and you came to see them at the church. You even got to third wheel in their VW camper van for a bit. You wore the most gorgeous navy waistcoat with a blue silk dicky bow tie and matching pocket square that reminded me of a character from Beatrix Potter. You had on mustard cords and grey mockasins and made all the women swoon. You got it kid, you're kind of the cutest. I'm yet to meet someone that hasn't gushed over how cute you are or commented on how gorgeous your deep, blue eyes are. You're a hit! 
We've also celebrated Nanna's 60th birthday where you decided to make an appearance in the middle of the night at her party. It's fair to say you went down pretty well then too. 


You're the happiest in the bath or eating yogurts, or clapping your hands or watching Daddy fake sneeze. You love the cats and get excited when you see them waving your arms up and down which in turn scares them off. I love that you recognise so many special people now and smile when you see them. You make me so happy.

I'm loving this. I'm loving you. I can't get enough. 

Love, Mummy xxx



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  2. This is gorgeous, I love all the cute photos! Reuben has started lifting his arms up too when he wants me to pick him up, I can't deal, it's so so cute!! He also absolutely loves yogurts and is obsessed with bath time! Can't wait for the next one x

    Gemma Louise

    1. When they life their arms up is my favourite!! I purposefully hold my arms out so Caleb will do it because it's the cutest!!! I love reading Reuben's updates too xxx