Saturday, 15 April 2017

York for the weekend

Sometimes weekends need to be spent in new surroundings. Or semi new surroundings. 

Last weekend I had my first night away from my baby. I headed to York to meet my besties. We met at uni there and have been the best of friends since. 

And do you know what... I was really ready for it. Obvs I had the mum guilt, like will he be ok, does it mean I'm a bad mum, do I love my son any less if I want this night out, will he sleep if I'm not there, will he suddenly cut all the teeth we've been waiting for?Well it certainly doesn't mean I'm a bad mum. It just meant I was ready to spend some time with people the same age as me, wear some high heels, put my face on and hold an alcoholic beverage in my hand and goddamn drink it! I also think it's really important for daddy and Caleb to have some time for just them too. 

Did I miss my baby? Yes of course I did but in reality I wasn't even away from him for 24 hours.

It felt good to let my hair down, be 'me' again and laugh/dance all night long at the silliest things. It was also my first chance to sleep the entire night/morning and not have to get up to a night feed or playful baby at 6am. Man I was looking forward to that.

The geese woke me up at 4am and then again at 6.10am. I think they were in cahoots with Caleb. 

Mr jenandcub came to meet us the following morning and we headed to brunch. If you like a good avo on toast then Spring Espresso is the place to go! Then as my girls went their separate ways we had the apartment we were staying in for an extra night for our little family. 

We stayed in an air bnb apartment in the centre of York. It was beautiful and the perfect location. It may appear pricey but you get what you pay for and York rarely has a cheap hotel room going. Link is  

here .

We had such a lovely sunny day back in York. My husband and I have lots of lovely memories here as this is where we met and got engaged. We spent the weekend wondering around aimlessly enjoying the sun and the familiarity of it all. Caleb loved going on the swings and giggled the entire time. We soaked up our sweet boy and the new memories we were making. The perfect weekend. 





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