Monday, 10 April 2017

8 months of you

Dearest Cub, 

Today you are 8 months old and I know I keep saying this but that time sure does fly by at a rate of knots. 

As you get another month older I feel this mixture of emotions that are kinda bittersweet. 

I just love soaking up all the precious days we are getting to spend together and thanking my lucky stars I'm getting to be off with you for so long but the dread of these days coming to end is too much to bare sometimes. The thought of not getting to hang out with you everyday when other people will hurts my heart. The rational side of me knows how important it is for us both but oh man I want to be all the irrational and scream IT'S NOT FAIR over and over again.

My teeny tiny baby is disappearing before my very eyes and suddenly you are that much closer to being a 1 year old. Stop. It. Now! 

I love watching you achieve new milestones and I never knew how much enjoyment or how proud I would feel of you being able to sit up tall or take food off a spoon. All those little things we take for granted that are such big leaps for you. 

At 8 months old you are changing almost daily, you have the cutest giggle which you shared with me for the first time when it didn't involve smooshing your neck. You have the cutest tuft of golden blonde hair thats enough to rival Daddy's mop.

You enjoy Daddy blowing raspberries on your tummy and being lifted high in the air. You love Sophie the giraffe when she squeaks at you and going on the swings at the park! You love being in water and splashing. Splashing is life! You're getting the hang of this eating malarkey and seem to really dig anything fruity. We are enjoying the fresh air on spring walks and stopping to see the lambs in Tealby. 

You are currently teething and that's not fun at all. I hope they appear soon because it breaks our heart to see you so upset. So here's to hoping that at 9 months I'm writing to tell you you have a full set of pearly whites. Hmmmm. On the plus your cradle cap is finally gone! Thanks to ALL the coconut oil!

For some reason you've been practising saying Dad non stop but if you know which side your breads buttered kid, you'll turn those 'dads' into 'mums'. You have no idea what your saying but we're enjoying it. 

We had our first Mother's Day this month and we spent it at the beach. You loved your feet in the sand and dipped your toes in the sea which surprisingly you loved! Those are some precious memories that I'll cherish forever. 

One thing I learnt to appreciate this month is how much you are changing me too. I see everything a little bit differently now. I'm different. I'm so much happier - not because I was unhappy before but I feel like you give me so much purpose I couldn't even begin to explain it. For some people, being defined as a mummy doesn't sit well but for me I'm more than happy for that to define me. 

I promise to love you forever. 

Love, mummy xx



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