Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Caleb's South African adventure

Not one to shy away from taking a few photos (!) I thought I would share some from our trip to Cape Town. You know, the one where my baby was amazing on the flight there AND back!! 



I can't recommend the Ama wrap enough. 

6 month old Caleb is dramatically different to the Cub we have known for his first few months. He's become a much happier, content baby and it makes for a much smoother ride. He's now happy doing his own thing and things seemed to have just gelled for us lately as a family. More on that in another post. 


Taking Caleb abroad was obviously a big decision - but one I'm so glad we decided to go for. However as soon as we landed Caleb developed the worst heat rash. It covered his entire body and his poor face. We sought advice from a pharmacist and the best thing you can do is not to put anything on the skin, let it breathe, give cool baths and try when possible to dress baby in loose, cool clothes. After a few days it died down completely and he managed to smile his way through thankfully. But oh my poor baby. 

Apart from attending an amazing, Pinterest worthy, moments-we-won't-forget- wedding, the memories we made as a family were so, so precious and ones we will never, ever, forget. 





I love this beautiful all in one outfit from Mothercare. 

We were lucky enough to have both sets of grandparents with us. They too got to share these moments and create their own special memories with Caleb. They babysat when we were at hen and stag dos as well as the mornings we climbed Lion's Head and Table Mountain. 

Each climb Mr Jenandcub swore blind we would take Caleb and each time I congratulated myself of making the wise decision not to take him when we were scrambling up rocks or our ears popped from the change in altitude. I'm pretty sure he was sick of me saying 'I told you this was no place for a baby' each time things stepped up a gear. Ok, we could have taken Caleb but the irrational fears I have are bad enough when he's on the ground never mind up the face of a mountain. 





But on this trip, we mainly took the attitude that Caleb was going to see and do as much as we could manage. We wanted to explore on this holiday as much as we ever have done before on other holidays and we knew it would be worth it.








There were times when this was difficult. On one particular day we were so excited to be spending the day with our friends touring up and down the coast and for the most part Caleb was fantastic he was super chilled and didn't mind getting in and out of the car when we stopped at certain points along the way. This all changed when we got to Boulders Beach to see the penguins (naturally the part we were most excited about). When we got there I can not even describe how fierce the wind was. It was unbearable - add in a baby and a stroller and it was impossible. Caleb couldn't bare it and we just felt cruel putting him through it as he was screaming and nothing would pacify him. As a mother all I wanted to do was turn around and go home but you can't do that when you are part of a group. I felt awful when I overheard a man saying to his wife after seeing us struggle how scary it must be for a baby to be in this wind. That was it, I was off to find shelter with 'worlds worst mother' hanging over my head. As our friends headed for the beach full of penguins we headed for the car and hid out. In that moment pre baby me would have been sad to be missing out but those moments of absolute calm with my two in the car were bliss. We could always do it again. And we did! We made it there again and it was oh so wonderful and honestly one of the happiest days of my life. Second time's a charm! Shout out to our friends who were fab and totally let us do our thing. 







We also took Caleb to the top of Table Mountain on the cable cars. The carrier was really handy for this trip as at the top it was cool and cloudy so Mr Jenandcub was able to keep him warm and sheltered. He slept for most of it but at least we can tell him he's been there, done that. 

Other highlights include walking the streets of Bo Kaap, an area defined by its rainbow coloured houses. I'm pretty obsessed with every photo I took there. I made my dad drive us round for a second time as I felt I hadn't seen it all. I was right I hadn't ~ thanks Dad. 







We ate like kings and had some amazing meals in Camps Bay and down by the V&A waterfront. One of the best meals we had was in a vineyard in Stellenbosch. Simply stunning views and delicious food and wine made for an unforgetable experience. My fave part was a lady that jumped up to take our photo as a family, she told us where to stand for the best views, one with sunglasses on, one without. She was my spirit animal for sure. 












We also managed to squeeze in a few beach days. The beaches in Cape Town have to be some of the most gorgeous beaches I have ever seen BUT the water is freezing!! 











I'll never forget this trip. Thank you Cape Town for being the most wonderful first holiday for my baby. 





Jen and Cub

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  1. I'm so jealous, you have the most beautiful photos and memories and it looks like the most gorgeous place ever!! Plus those outfits you've dressed Caleb in are baby goals! Definitely need to take Reuben on a holiday like this xx

    Gemma Louise