Thursday, 9 March 2017

7 months of you

And just like that another month has passed us by. Today my baby is 7 months old. 

Dear Caleb 

Your seventh month was your most adventurous yet. You took your first plane ride all the way to Cape Town where you were UHmazing, never been prouder or smug in my entire life.  

For 2 solid weeks you were adored by your grandparents and us. You have been, quite literally, in the clouds on the top of Table Mountain and cuddled and cooed over by the women that work there who quite frankly would have taken you home if they could. You've been to the beach with the penguins, seen the wild baboons and watched some of the most breathtakingly beautiful sunsets. 

You constantly have your hand in your mouth and I have a sneaky suspicion you may be about to turn into a thumb sucker. It's quite the cutest so I'm down with that but apologies if you end up needing braces. I'll try my best to deter you (at some point). 

You are the blondest babe with the bluest of eyes - still not quite sure how that happened. You smile every time you wake up from a nap and the smiles - oh the smiles - keep em coming always. You literally make my heart ache and your Nanna cry. You think mummy and daddy are hilarious and throw your head back as if it were the only way you know how to show us. You've developed a nose scrunch as an alternative and I. Just. Can't. Cope. 

You now sleep in your cot in the nursery and sleep the best you ever have. We still hang out a couple of times in the night but I don't mind because you give the best sleepy cuddles - however, if you wanted to make it just one time that would be ok too. I don't know how but you're the king of naps and have got really good at putting yourself to sleep. You wake up at 6am but it means you and Daddy get to spend some precious time together before Daddy goes to work. 

You may not roll from back to front yet but you're pretty good at sitting. I just have to be prepared to catch you in an instant. 

This month we found out you got your place in nursery for September. I'm not ready for that but at the same time as feeling sick to my stomach about it I'm excited for you too. Bonus that your bff will be there for extra fun adventures. 

This month you've started to taste some foods, your not all that fussed but you are a good sport nonetheless and the faves you pull are priceless. 

We've been to Jo Jingles, mummy has ached in Pilates and we've met up with the NCT babes. 

How on earth will your 8th month live up to that crazy ride?! 

You are just quite simply, the sweetest babe. 

We love you kid, 

Mummy and Daddy xxx





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