Friday, 10 February 2017

6 months of you

I have never been one to particularly wish my life away but lately I've found myself not even able to utter the words 'I can't wait for...' because, well actually, I can wait. I'm happy to wait. I'm excited for things to happen but I can wait, they will arrive and quicker than I anticipate. I never realised how quickly time can pass you by. Sometimes it's crucial, time is a healer, there are times we want to move on from but at this point in my life I want time to come to a crawl or even a stand still. I want to revel in every moment and remember every part of this precious time with my gorgeous baby. For time at the moment is bittersweet. I love watching Caleb grow but it also means each stage flies by and I'm ever closer to going back to work. A time where I can't be selfish with our time together, just us two. Where I won't get to soak up the baby goodness whenever I please.  

Today Caleb is 6 months old. We have had our wonderful baby boy for half a year. Half a year. How did that happen? We've managed to parent for 26 weeks and 2 days and I have to say I'm rather proud of us. We have watched Caleb grow from the 5lb 6oz dot that he was to the 15lb 5 oz chunk that he is now and have watched him learn new things daily. We are so proud of the things he achieves and feel so lucky to have him. 
It has been the most intense yet overwhelmingly brilliant 26 weeks and 2 days of my entire life. I have cried, I have laughed, I've worried, I've stressed about the big things and stressed about the little things, I've learnt so much about him, me and Tom but most of all I've loved, loved like I never knew love was possible. 

Dear Caleb, 

This month you turn 6 months old. I rarely think ahead as it means I'm not appreciating you in the here and now so if I'm honest I never quite imagined you being 6 months old you are always just the age that you are. But you are 6 months old now, and you just get more and more wonderful! In your 6th month you have learnt to do so much. You have suddenly realised that hey, smiling can be quite fun, and it's ok to do it whenever you like! You are the happiest first thing in the morning when you see our  faces peering into your crib and last thing at night as you get ready for your bath. You smile at me half way through feeding, they don't make em much cheekier than you when you do that! However you keep the biggest smiles for mummy, daddy and Grandman... possibly because mummy and daddy deserve it and possibly because Grandman looks like an older version of you. 

You have almost learnt to sit independently. Some days you got it kid, and then other days you sway or fold in half. It's the cutest. You're the cutest. You're demanding when it comes to being in your pram and sitting is the only way to travel so you've transitioned into the next part of your pram. (Insert mummy's not ready for that cry face). You roll from front to back but not back to front. 

You cry less, like wayyyy less and that's kind of great. Life seems to be treating you a lot more fairly these days and we like it!

We seemed to have nailed our own kind of routine and you're getting pretty good at putting yourself to sleep for your morning nap. Afternoon naps still require a lot of singing Adele and cuddling but I'm down with that.

You've still not figured out how to sleep through the night but we could set our watch by you. 

You've been to the zoo, played in custard, noticed the cats for the first time (they still don't seem to notice you), hung out with your baby mates, met new baby pals, jumped in your jumperoo a lot and still love Mr Waldorf more than anything. 

Mummy and daddy love you the world over Cub. We love everything about you and look forward to your next milestones but we are happy to wait little one. I have a sneaky suspicion you are about to go on your biggest adventure in your 7th month.

You are our happiest of days. 

We love you, 
Mummy and Daddy xxx

P.s. Where is Bernard's watch at when you need it?! 




I'm going to be one heck of a wreck when he actually turns 1. 

Jen and Cub 

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