Wednesday, 1 February 2017

3. A series of #momfails

Things I'd go back and tell my new mummy self...
3. Always check the changing bag
Ok so this post is relatively self explanatory but if I could go back and tell my self another piece of advice it would be check the changing bag, check it daily, check it whenever you go anywhere, check it even if you aren't going anywhere. Check it! 
My husband has this down to a fine art, he is like the S.A.S when it comes to organisation. Military. Precision. In the time he had off for his paternity leave and we ventured anywhere he had the changing bag covered. We did all the nappy changes together and high fived our way through them as we carried them out like a well choreographed ballet. There were wipes, nappies, creams and bags at my disposal before I'd even asked for them. 

Take Mr jenandcub out of the equation and you're left with a series of #momfails. Again the whole "but I brought the baby' theory falls flat.

Many times have I set out where I have checked I have baby with coat, car seat, buggy, buggy adapters if needed, parasol for sun or rain cover for miserable weather, carriers in case the terrain is not buggy friendly and the changing bag. Well done me. It rarely dawns on me to check the bag is filled with the correct baby paraphernalia. 

So cut to that time I went to Costa with my 2 mummy friends. 1 hot chocolate in, Caleb gave me the most gorgeous smiles (if you read my previous post you will understand how happy this makes me) only to discover the smiles were nappy related. After undressing Caleb in the baby change I discovered to my horror there were no wipes. I needed wipes. Oh boy did I desperately need wipes. My options were limited. I was stood with 1 hand on the baby stopping him from creating more mess and the other arm outstretched like Go Go Gadget trying to reach for toilet paper but I knew that my friends had wipes with them - a quick phone call will solve my problems. Or not. I left my phone on the table...lesson learned. I emerged from the baby change looking even more dishevelled then when I went in but we made it through. 

Or perhaps i hadn't learned my lesson...Then there was that time when I went to my parents house. We walked to the pub minutes from their house and I must point out they live in a village with no street lights, so handy co ops open until late they do not have. When we got to the pub I again went to change Caleb. Damnit. This time no nappies. No shops open - my house is a 30 minute drive away. In my head I was making old fashioned towelling nappies until my mum suggested I called on one of my mummy friends (one of the mummies that was sat in Costa that time). She just so happens to live in the same village as my parents. My options were to call on her or make a towel nappy. So it was 6.30pm bang on bathtime/bedtime routine (if you know, you know) so I really didn't want to interrupt her as I knew she was probably in the bath with the baby but I did. A few minutes later she poked her head out of the bathroom window. "Nappies" I cried at her in a desperate plea. 
My hero! She came down, fresh from the bath with nappies and wipes (she knows I have previous) and saved my life! Man, I owe her a drink! 

Then there was the time when I went to my friend's house (ok ok, it was the same friend!!!!) and fed Caleb, half way through I realised I had no muslin. Muslins are the holy grail of the nappy bag and I didn't have one. There she was once again with a freshly washed muslin for me to use. Gosh, I think I owe her a few drinks. 

Then there was the time I went to Tesco to do a food shop. Caleb was in his carrier and slept the majority of the way through. I realised early doors that I didn't have a dummy in my bag so contemplated buying a new one but as I passed the baby aisle gentle snores came from the carrier so I risked it. He would be fine. I only had a couple of aisles left and the checkout to go, surely he wouldn't wake up.  Committed to my food shop I collected a few items when all hell broke loose. Caleb woke up starving and screaming. I was stood at the checkout jiggling up and down, swaying side to side and 'shushing' like a woman possessed. When your baby cries you feel like everyone is staring at you (they probably aren't). They definitely were. The lady at the checkout was lovely and asked if I'd like to buy a dummy - errr is the pope a catholic?! She pressed her buzzer and no one came. No one came to my rescue. So there I was still standing there with a screaming baby, bags of shopping and wishing once again I'd checked the bloody changing bag. 

I have now lost count of the amount of times I have asked my mummy friends if I could borrow sterilising wipes for dummies, nappies, nappy bags and wipes. Shoutout to the modern day heroes - mummies! 
Honestly, when will I learn? How long can a girl blame it on the baby brain?!

So to future me from past me - check the changing bag before going anywhere. 

Jen and Cub 

P.s. Happy 25 weeks old gorgeous boy! 


  1. This is sooooo funny Jen! Please do more! Also as if Caleb is 25 weeks?! I thought he was only a month older than Reuben, he's so diddy bless him xx

    Gemma Louise

    1. If I can make anyone feel slightly more adequate about being a mummy then it's totally worth it haha. My little monkey arrived early so he's still catching up a bit. He's just going into 3-6 months now bless him. Thanks for commenting xx