Friday, 20 January 2017

Hi! We are new here...


Ok, so here it is. My first blog post. Actually, that's a lie I've written three. Two didn't make the cut and one got posted, rewritten, posted and then later relegated to draft. Why am I so nervous about this? If no one but my mum reads it does it matter? Absolutely not.

It just means Caleb will get to read about our daily adventures when he is older and I won't have to check that red book you're given as you leave hospital and are meant to fill in for each milestone achieved. Don't get me wrong, I care about those milestones, I really, really do but they happen, I get deliriously excited, try to get him to do it again (whatever it may be - smiles, tracking, rolling over etc), take a photo, text my husband, invariably post it onto Instagram and then it's time to cook dinner, fold the washing... and I've forgotten to write it into the red book. The same red book I forgot to take with me each time we went to the GP for jabs. "But I remembered to bring the baby" was a line that didn't always get the sympathetic response I hoped for, instead it was met with grumbles and eyes rolls and "remember it next time". Apparently bringing just the baby for the appointment, dressed and on time FYI, isn't quite good enough. I really do care about my baby though. I promise.
So I suppose this is just going to be a clumsy blog about a normal mummy trying to make sense of this wonderfully scary and exciting new world we have embarked upon and the adventures we have along the way. A modern day diary and a digital baby album for my son to look back on in years to come. He'll definitely thank me for it, I'm sure he will, won't he?!

I'm Jenny, a 28 year old first time mummy, married to the best instahusband you ever did meet, Tom. We became parents to Caleb in August. We totally lucked out and can't believe we made something so super gorgeous. Every parent feels that I know, but my parents say its true so it must be?! Caleb was due on September 8th but made a surprise entrance into this world on August 10th. Being a teacher, I was so desperate for him to be a September baby as I knew he would have had the advantage in the classroom and development wise that slight edge but I think I always knew he would end up being born in August. Just my luck. That's ok though, I got to spend an extra month loving him. Things weren't without complications and we ended up spending 11 days in hospital on the Transitional Care Unit at Lincoln County but we realise we were so lucky to have a healthy baby to bring home. Since having Caleb I have turned into a baby obsessed crazy lady, just cant get enough of 'em! I was pretty confident I wouldn't be one of those mums that posts endless photos or talk about the contents of their baby's nappy, but oh my I sit well and truly in that category now. Hello! I'm Jenny and I'm addicted to my baby.

I'm sure when I'm brave enough I'll share more about the birth and the early days of having a newborn but my next post will be nursery related. Anyway, if you've read this far, I thank you but enough rambling for now. Subscribe if you can, comment if you like. Thanks for reading.

♡ Jen and Cub

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