Saturday, 21 January 2017

Caleb's nursery

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, scrap that, before I was even pregnant I had a secret Pinterest board named 'The Future'. A board full of dinky baby clothes, maternity looks and nursery furniture. I pretty much had built my dream home in mood boards complete with the perfect crisp white nursery. I pinned expensive furniture, rocking chairs that were only available from exclusive stores in New York and bedrooms that would probably have the same square foot as my entire upstairs. 

When it actually came to planning our nursery I was pretty clear on what I wanted but my Pinterest dreams were quickly crushed. I mean how dreamy would it be to live out your Pinterest life but also how unrealistic?! Anyway, I showed Tom picture after picture of nursery ideas and asked for his opinions on what was probably an inane amount of nurseries that looked remarkably similar. Everynow and then I would throw in one that was loud and garish just to test him but he always came through and told me it wasn't  as good as the last 12 grey rooms with white furniture he'd just been shown. Phew!

As soon as I thought it safe off we went to look around baby furniture shops. Lincoln has all of about 3 so our options were somewhat limited. We fell in love with the same set in Mamas and Papas so put it on order. It wasn't the cheapest of sets but anyone that knows me knows that I have expensive taste. My will last him until he is 18. 18 year olds still fit in cot beds right?! Oxford furniture set here

I absolutely love this furniture, its quite big and bulky but I like that, its built to last. The changing station is well designed and has deep drawers which we store nappies after nappies in. The wardrobe has two rails and shelving inside and a drawer at the bottom for extra storage too. Perfect for all of those gorgeous baby clothes, shoes, hats...

Unfortunately Tom said no to the rocking armchair from New York but did agree to a nursing chair. We saw this one in Mothercare in beige and cream and said how perfect  it would be in grey and white to match our nursery theme... a bit of searching later and we found it existed - perfect! It is the comfiest chair to spend EVERY waking hour of in the night in. If you buy two decent things make sure it's a good cot and a comfortable chair! You can get the chair here

My husband had a day off in the week and said he would put the wallpaper up when we decided to decorate  I came home and he hadn't but he did make this amazing toy store from an old wardrobe then my mum made the seat pad and cushion to go on top. 

Another thing I needed in the nursery was a reading corner. Teacher alert! So these photo shelves from Ikea made the perfect mini book shelves to create a snuggly reading area around.




I also loved these prints that I had pinned but they were so expensive so instead we made them.


Like most first time parents we bought a Moses Basket. I have lost count of the amount of times people told me we would use it for all of 5 minutes. In the first few weeks Caleb slept, and when I say slept, I actually mean screamed for hours in it. He didn't love it. A friend was selling a Next 2 me crib and we snapped it up praying that sleep would come. It instantly felt so much better for me and Caleb. I could see him and he could see or at least sense me next to him. He settled much quicker and it made checking on him much easier (instead of almost toppling out of bed to put a hand up and over the moses basket I can just slide my hand across with both eyes still closed and soothe). I can't recommend it enough! 

I have had so much fun piecing the nursery together, the same may not be said for Tom as the day the furniture arrived my waters broke and I went into hospital. So Tom built furniture and got rid of boxes whenever he came home for a shower. We have slowly added bits, made things, received the most gorgeous handmade gifts, put shelves up and still need to source some curtains but it's all good fun and I hope that Celab loves it as much as we do.

If you have any questions about anything here please leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

♡ Jen and Cub


  1. Your nursery is so gorrrrrrrgeous. I can only hope I can make my baba's room as nice as this when I move house & Reuben finally has his own! xx

    Gemma Louise

    1. Thank you so much. I've loved putting it all together. It will be so much fun doing up Reuben's room, you will have to post some pics! Xx